Tuesday December 14th, 2004 in Berlin


The one-day 6QM workshop was an event of work group character. It brought together experts in the field of IP measurement for information exchange. A major goal was to initiate discussion of strategic options on how to profit from work done within the 6QM project and to set up structures for those activities which had been triggered by the project, but that need to be continued beyond its lifetime, in particular wrt contributions to IETF standardization.

The workshop concentrated on technical topics which had been addressed in the latter phases of the project, namely security and inter-domain aspects of IP measurement. The programme consisted of a set of 6QM presentations, a slot for 6QM demonstrations which gave participants a hand-on experience in using the 6QM tools. It was followed by a block of invited guest presentation of experts working in those fields, and a final discussion on coordination of further IETF standardization activities.

The event was attended by 35 participants. It was held on Dec 14, 2004 at the conference facilities of Fraunhofer FOKUS in Berlin, Germany.

Program and Presentation Slides

6QM Presentations

  • 6QM Overview and Security issues (David Diep, Hitachi), Slides
  • 6QM Inter-Domain Architecture (Elisa Boschi, Hitachi/Fokus), Slides
  • The Pan-European IPv6 IX Backbone - Towards deployment of IPv6 in Telcos/ISPs - Euro6IX (Jordi Palet, Consulintel), Slides
  • Standardization Efforts in 6QM (E.Stephan,FT/T.Zseby,Fokus), Slides
  • Inter-Domain Questionnaire, preparartion of an Internet Draft (Elisa Boschi), Slides


Invited Presentations

  • Coordinating Action MOME (Carsten Schmoll, FOKUS), Slides
  • Evaluation of Hash Functions for Passive Inter-Domain Measurements (S.Niccolini, NEC), Slides
  • Tools for Inter-domain Measurements (Chris Welti, SWITCH), Slides
  • IPPM measurements, G-WiN, 6WiN and GN2 (Stephan Kraft, RRZE Erlangen), Slides
  • Path-coupled traffic measurement (Jürgen Quittek, PSAMP WG chair, NEC), Slides
  • Hopcount and E2E Delay: IPv4 Versus IPv6 (Xiaoming Zhou, Delft University), Slides
  • DDoS inter-domain traffic anomaly detection algorithms (R. Kwitt, Salzburg Research), Slides
  • Distributed Measurements for Attack Detection (Georg Carle, University Tübingen), Slides


for further information please contact: tanja.zseby@fokus.fraunhofer.de.
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